Car Body Shells, Doors and Interiors

CARBODIN will improve car body shell manufacture by exploring the possibilities offered by composite materials.


CARBODIN advocates for a modular tooling to manufacture a wide range of parts of varying size. In addition, the proposed process will combine different production techniques, automation concepts, introduction of co-cured and co-bonded composite parts and multi-material integrated joints and inserts. Besides, predictive maintenance will be reinforced by testing intelligent sensor nodes.

Composite materials will also be the core idea for cost-efficient doors with reduced LCC. The creation of modular tooling combined with 3D technology will enable the production of lighter doors with enhanced thermal and acoustic properties in the door and its vicinity.

CARBODIN will facilitate the design of attractive train interiors by developing a configuration tool based on virtual reality. This will be complemented by innovative manufacturing tools for interior components. Other strategies for improving cost-effectiveness of manufacturing processes such as the integration of low-volt circuits in panels will be also explored. 

CARBODIN also aims at improving the performance of the future HMI system through a European survey to identify key interactions such as drivers’ gestures or voices.

CARBODIN will benefit from a strong multidisciplinary consortium, made of 14 partners from 7 countries, committed to the mentioned actions towards maximisation of the project’s impact.

Facts and Figures

  • Topic: Advanced Car body shells for railways and light material and innovative doors and train modularity
  • EU Contributions: 3.5 m€
  • Duration: 27 months
  • Project start date: 01/12/2019
  • Project end date: 28/02/2022
  • Partners: 14 partners from 7 countries
  • Project coordinator: FUNDACIO EURECAT
  • H2020-S2RJU-OC-2019
  • Grant agreement n° 881814

Project structure

WP NumberWP TitleLead beneficiary
WP1New tooling for composite car body manufacturing
WP2Car body Structural Health Monitoring
Systems for Composites and Metal-Composite Interfaces
WP3Process automation concepts for Composite Car body ManufacturingASOCIACION DE INVESTIGACION METALURGICA DEL NOROESTE
WP4Process integrating joint concepts & modular concepts for Composite Car body ManufacturingASOCIACION DE INVESTIGACION METALURGICA DEL NOROESTE
WP5New tooling for Composite Door Leaves manufacturingMASATS SA
WP6Solutions for thermal and noise reduction in the neighbourhood of the doorDES ART SP. Z O. O.
WP7Accessibility to passenger trains (ramps, thresholds, gap filler)DICEA
WP8Modular Interior’s concepts and virtual immersive interior design configurator toolRHEINISCH-WESTFAELISCHE TECHNISCHE HOCHSCHULE AACHEN
WP9New tooling for Composite interiors manufacturingFORSTER SYSTEM-MONTAGE-TECHNIKSMT GMBH
WP11Integrated low volt circuits in panelFUNDACIO EURECAT
WP12Impact boosting activitiesEURNEX e. V.


CARBODIN_S2R updates

Some images of the Technologies investigated during survey 1, for #CARBODIN, #shift2rail project. Thanks to LAMIH ,UMR,CNRS,8201 the Laboratory of Automation, Mechanics and Industrial and Human Computer Science at @LAMIH_UPHF @UphfOfficiel @CNRS.


Happy faces at the #CARBODIN WP10 online meeting with @SapienzaRoma,@Eurecat_news,@uic & @UphfOfficie. Going through the preliminary results analysis on Survey 1 and defining the objectives for survey 2 .#shift2rail @LAMIH_UPHF

Des chercheurs du @LAMIH_UPHF à la pointe de la recherche appliquée!
@CNRS_HdF https://twitter.com/CARBODIN_S2R/status/1376825819885109251

The partners at #CARBODIN are working on #train #driving tasks definition: A #Workshop for #innovative driving cabin survey 1 hosted at @UPHF with Frédéric Vanderhaegen, Simon Enjalbert,Jean ValentinMerlevede.#drivingcabin,#railresearch,#railway,#transport,#mobility,#shift2rail

📢We are thrilled to announce the next #TRA2022 conference planned to take place in Lisbon, Portugal🇵🇹 from 14 – 17 Nov 2022 under motto “Moving forward – Reimagining mobility worldwide”🌐

👉For more information visit https://traconference.eu

#transport #mobility #TRALisbon2022

🚄🚈🚆Less than 2 weeks left until the official #EUYearofRail launch event organised under the @2021PortugalEU Presidency of the @EUCouncil!

Join our ED @carlusbo in a debate about the benefits of #rail for 🇪🇺 travellers, the economy & climate!


🚆What are the pros and cons regarding train transport? 🚆Why do countries use different railway gauges?
These are some of the questions that our secretary general  Armando Carrillo answered in the latest episode of @PlanetaPodcast a podcast in Spanish for curious kids. #podcasts https://twitter.com/PlanetaPodcast/status/1372451480708481024

We have a new publication to present: “Human-Maschine Interface in transport Systems: An industrial Overview for more Extended rail applications.” written by Authors from @UphfOfficiel, @Eurecat_news, @SapienzaRoma. #shift2rail Here a summary: https://carbodin.eu/wp-content/uploads/2021/02/huma_machine_paper_summary_10022021.pdf.

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Documents and downloads

thumbnail of carbodin-paper

An initial acousto-ultrasonic experimental investigation of defects in composite specimens used in the transportation domain

thumbnail of huma_machine_paper_summary_10022021

Human-machine interface in transport systems: an industrial overview for more extended rail applications

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Project coordinator: Mr. Víctor García FUNDACIO EURECAT
Dissemination: Mr. Celestino Sánchez

This project has received funding from the Shift2Rail Joint Undertaking under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement no. 881814 (CARBODIN)

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