A new scientific paper from Carbodin

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A new scientific paper from Carbodin was published under the title: “Application of Forward Error Correction (FEC) Codes in Wireless Acoustic Emission Structural Health Monitoring on Railway Infrastructures” 

Dr. Evangelos D Spyrou,  Dr. Vassilios Kappatos from the Hellenic Institut of Transport (HIT), Center for Research and Technology Hellas (CERTH), Thessaloniki, Greece

Structural health monitoring (SHM) has been extensively used in the railway industry, with applications ranging from railway infrastructures to carbody shells. An SHM method that dominates monitoring procedures is Acoustic Emissions (AE). The utilisation of the AE method could use a significantly large amount of data, collected and forwarded to terminal computers using wireless communications. Nowadays, the use of 5G is taking over traditional wireless such as Wi-Fi and 4G telecommunications. However, errors in the transmission due to noisy channels may be experienced. The SHM system may result in the wrong detection of a potential defect in a railway infrastructure with dangerous consequences, such as derailment. Hence, methods for adequately dealing with these errors need to be established, such as Forward Error Correction (FEC) codes. In this paper, we suggest the use of the wireless FEC codes applied to a number of deployed AE devices, in order to perform correction at the transmissions. We investigate the new POLAR codes and compare this method with the Reed-Solomon (RS) codes. We present simulations that the POLAR codes are more efficient with trials using the AFF3CT simulator